Friday, April 25, 2014

Village of the Sun - Zappa (Blogging A-Z Challenge)

'Village of the Sun'...from "Roxy and Elsewhere", such great music and such a great song. I grew up (from 8 to 18) in an English place which meant "Sun village" in Roman. If Rednecks were an English thing, that village would be full of them...backward is the word. As you can see, I don't have a great opinion of the place where my teenage years were pulverised. I sang 'Plastic People' (the 'P' post) in one of the pubs...for money...they loved it...shame they didn't look in the mirror. I spent my next 10 years up the road in a place full of Pikeys...ouch...kept away from know the film, "Snatch"? Brad Pitt? Didn't do them justice, really, Brad spoke too much.
Anyway, is a GREAT version of "Village of the Sun"!

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  1. That's OK. Reading about your low opinion was interesting, and your comments are hilarious. I also hated where I few up - pulverized is a great word - so I can relate.