Saturday, November 8, 2014

Trouble in Hungary...Capitalism?

Thought there was a better way to say this....but this is good, too....

This link is a joke about Capitalism...go and look...and then come back and read this version of 'Hungarian Capitalism' below...just a few things which have happened recently...remember to come back and read :-)

Hungarian Capitalism: You have two cows. You say the Socialists killed the other four and the people believe you. You create a Special Task Force who will do anything you say and 'take out' anyone you feel is not working 'for the greater good of the country'. You take control of the Media, replace all positions of power with your own people and increase taxes on anything from text messages to internet, take people's private pensions to pay for state pensions, close schools for 'special needs' children and integrate them into mainstream education, cut the Education budget by 25%, increase money to Sports by 25%, build a huge very expensive and fancy useless football stadium in the tiny village you were born in and piss off the EU with your taunts and policies. When there are shouts from the USA of corruption within the Hungarian Tax Office, you send your Special Task Force to 'clean up' the place, leaving no trace of evidence. When hundreds of thousands of demonstrators against the new Internet Tax force you to cancel that idea, one of the successful demonstration organisers with a history of suicide mysteriously dies under a speeding train. You finally sell your two cows to the Russians, asking for a massive loan to buy ten more from them, and tell the people that due to pressure from the USA and the EU, you have asked the Russians to come back into Hungary, after 25 years of 'freedom', to protect your cows (which you no longer have).

Oh yeah, and monitor Facebook for any posts like this one!!!! 
They'll be knocking on my door soon...

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