Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Won Challenge 86! :-) "Motion in the Potion"

Oh my, that Scallywag really has a go when they want to...check out their latest post on the TIW blog...

And...I won! Yes, Challenge 86! I won with my Batman story! Strange how it all happened, I was put 2nd and I asked for some feedback from the judges as to what the problem was with one of my best stories in the last 6 months...and 2 of them came back saying they'd put me in 1st place...contrary to what the Judges Excel spreadsheet I sent a message...and the mistake was corrected :-)
One more wonderful DJC story in the TIW2 anthology :-)

"Tales from Darker Places", the 'Halloween' anthology is going strong on Amazon :-)
Although I think it's still free on check it is :-)

My freebies are moving along on, Dani's Shorts 3 is almost at 200 downloads, whereas 1+2 are almost at 500 :-)

The Steampunk anthology "Circuits & Steam" is selling well, just got a nice royalty cheque from that one :-)

And sold a few ebooks in the last 30 days :-)
For example, 'Bethlehem Fiasco' on Australia is now #26,765 Paid in Kindle Store

There's an 'Alice in Wonderland' anthology thing going on, I have 2 weeks to hand in something, gthen wait 1 month to see if my story is chosen...written only 150 words so far, though (of 4000)...!!!

All going well...kinda...:-)

When I'm gonna write another novel, I have no is brewing...
('How to build a castle' is still waiting for a cover...)

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