Thursday, February 5, 2015

TIW Challenge 100

Almost 2 years of Iron Writer...
Yes, it's TIW 100 and I'm in it. Please go and read and vote :-)
This time, I've tried a little 'non-omnipotent' POV of a 'princess', a kind of bubble view from a hole in a castle wall. It starts with a hint of 'Death of a Moth' and moves into a 'Carry On/Monty Python' type, finishing with a 'happy' ending...Mathew...hehehe...

"How to Build a Castle in Seven Easy Steps" is still very available. Please pick up a copy here...

There is also a hint that I'll be contributing to a NEW emag some time in the future, with reviews, articles, etc. Who knows if that'll help.

The other day I was standing in my usual place in the train station, waiting, early morning, the moon shining bright. Opposite the tracks from where I stand is an almost derelict house. The kitchen light is usually on. In my sleepy state I found myself staring into the blackness of a window, only to see a silhouette of some movement...I quickly turned away. I think I'll find another place to stand.

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