Tuesday, February 17, 2015

New review for 'How to" :-)

Yes, finally got my second review from Jason Brick, a fantastic guy! He's putting together an anthology called "Baby Shoes" and I'm contributing. Watch that space...

TIW...looks like I'm gonna stay in the background for a while. I still have a Grudge match and a challenge to do, though. And probably a few Quickies...
Can't find much time to work on that novel, but I am doing a "Robin Round" with A. Francis Raymond on Twitter. She writes a bit, I write a bit. We're getting there, slowly. It might stop tomorrow, it might never stop...just search for #amwriting #livestory on twitter and you'll find it. She also wrote a blog about it here...

Oh, here's that review :-) (Do you know Robert Asprin?)

"A twisted faerie tale in the proud tradition of Robert Asprin"

By BrickCommaJaons on February 17, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition
A twisted faerie tale in the proud tradition of Robert Asprin's Myth series. Wit from dry to ridiculous, banter to be proud of and a storyline that walks the divide between the familiar and the bizarre.

This is my first taste of Dani J Caile. I will be back for seconds.

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