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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Two of my kinkiest :-)

Just finished writing up the last two Weekend Quickies. The elements seemed to have a certain 'quality' about them. Perhaps our 'erotica' writer DL Zwissler in TIW was having that kind of weekend, what with Valentine's...
So, here are perhaps possibly my 'kinkiest' to date (rather silly)

Weekend Quickie (#86)???

(Edible Underwear, Godzilla, a Mannequin that looks like your mother, Victoria Secret. 150 words)

“Hey, Simmons! That mannequin looks like your mother!”
He gave Johnson the bird and continued to stare at the lingerie window display.  The dummy in question was wearing some line from Victoria Secret. At least that’s what it said on the tag. He wondered whether they stocked what he was looking for.
“The Porno shop is down the street, Simmons! Go get yourself a film or summit! Ha!”
Ignoring his classmates’ taunts, he stepped into the shop, passing by a couple of women searching through the bras. They gave him evil stares. The shop assistant at the counter seemed a little surprised to see a small uniformed boy standing before her, but she smiled.
“Yes? Can I help you?”
“Yes, please. Do you have edible underwear?”
“What?” The shop assistant looked at him like he was Godzilla.
“The sweet shop down the street is closed. I’m dying for some candy...”

Weekend Quickie (#87)??? Sunday Edition

(RPaticorn (Robert Pattinson), a Brick, a Palm tree, a Japanese Fisherman. 150 words)

Down by the river, I watched the ducks and swans fight for what crumbs were left from the kids who’d stopped there for a break to or from wherever they were going or coming. A fisherman sat close by and mumbled under his breath.
Sorera no imaimashī kodomo-tachi wa, karera ga sakana o hanarete obie!”
“Anata no eigo, anata wa nani no tame no keii o motteinai!”
Confused, I moved on quickly, only to trip on the edge of a brick which was set higher than the others in the newly-laid path near the river and found myself hugging what looked like a palm tree to keep from falling. Images of Robert Pattinson in a pink unicorn costume came into my head, ‘RPaticorn’. The fisherman held up his fist and said something.
Next time I’m gonna lay off those double choc chip brownies from my mate in Amsterdam.

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