Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Interview and story with 'Spanky Strawberry Slokovich :-)

I'd like to welcome Spanky Strawberry Slokovich, winner of the "Escribe de' Trois" challenge over at TIW. Spanky, hello.
"Whoopie fishie fishie."
Yes. Now, please tell us how you wrote this fine story of yours.
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Right. Thank you, Spanky...
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And to round this off, here's Spanky's story...

"Escribe de'Trois" Challenge – Up in the Trees

(a tree stand, star dust, edible underwear)

by Spanky Strawberry Slokovich

Gark the bear settled himself down in the undergrowth under the star-filled sky, munching on some berries he’d picked up earlier and watched his weekly hunter entertainment. Dave, tall and lanky, was over in the tree on the left, while Bob, a fat ball of a man, on a tree to the right. They both sat there in their state-of-the-art-the-best-money-can-buy tree stands some twenty feet up, their guns loaded and ready as they scanned the forest for movement. Not a soul was about. They’d already been up there half the night and looked about ready to quit.
“What does it all mean, Bob?” asked Dave, lowering his gun and staring up at the stars.
“‘It’s a pronoun, Dave,” replied his overly-chubby partner.
“No, Bob, ‘it’, the ultimate question.”
“Looking up at that sky, it makes me feel…insignificant, you know.”
“You are insignificant, Dave.”
“Shut up, Bob.”
“No, I mean, I feel like we’re all just ‘cosmic dust’ in the universe.”
“Oh yeah, right. Deep, Dave, real deep. Like star dust, you mean?”
“Stardust? That was a shit movie.”
 “Come on, Dave. Any film with Michelle Pfeiffer in it is worth a look.”
“Good point.”
Gark scratched himself and accidentally snapped a twig. Both hunters aimed their guns out into the forest below, searching, but finding nothing. He heard Dave’s stomach growl louder than his Aunt Nellie’s.
“So, what have you got, Bob?”
“The food, the food. What have you got?”
“What? But it was your turn to bring the food!”
Dave’s shouting upset an animal some distance away, causing it to flutter and squawk away into the night.
“Shhh, we’re not gonna shoot anything if you shout like that.”
“Are you telling me that you didn’t bring ANYTHING?”
“Erm, well, I do have something.”
“Great. I thought we were done for. What have you got?”
“You won’t like it.”
“You didn’t bring dry roasted peanuts again, did you? You know I hate them.”
“No, not that.”
“Erm, well...”
“Well, you know, I hadn’t actually planned on being here with you tonight.”
“Yeah, I know. You had that date with Maisy, the bird at the diner. But she had to change shifts at short notice. Sad.”
Gark looked on as Bob sat in silence and Dave came to some hideous realisation, one he truly didn’t like.
“No, Bob, don’t tell me.”
“Come on, at least it’s something.”
“I am NOT going to eat them!”
“Very nutritional, you know, edible underwear.”
“Oh, come on!”
Bob had already reached into his camouflage trousers and ripped off a large chunk of candy-tasting pink boxers. Dave’s stomach roared once more, one Gark would have been proud of.
“Oh, go on, then. Throw me over a bit.”
“What would you prefer? Front or back?”
Gark choked on his berries, only to lift his head to find two barrels aimed straight at him. Ever heard the joke of the bear crapping in the woods? No rabbit this time.

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