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Monday, July 27, 2015

Weekend Quickie 125 + Esperanto!!

'Alice on the Outside-In' went over 50 FREE downloads in 24 hours. Cool :-)
I even put it up in Esperanto...'Alico sur la Ekster-En' and now it's over 10 downloads...

And here's my latest Weekend Quickie!

125  - Pain, memories, image - woman in front of a mirror putting on veil for wedding

There's a strange woman sitting at her vanity dresser, arranging a veil. She's wearing a wedding dress.
"How do I look, darling?" She smiles in the mirror at me. Who is she? Why am I on a bed? Why are my arms and legs tied to the posts?
"What am I doing here? Last I remember is I popped into a gas station for some chips..." I shake myself awake and pull but the knots won't budge.
"You're right! It's unlucky to see my dress before the ceremony. What was I thinking?" She giggles but continues to mess with her veil. Is she completely insane? Memories of my own wedding day flood through my mind, the ring, the reception, the dancing. Three years and she took all I had. The pain still runs deep. But this? Do I know her? Do I know this woman?
"Do I know you?"
She drops the eyeliner and makes a dramatic gasp with both hands on cheeks.
" can you say such a thing! Father!"
The door bursts open, a large man with a shotgun runs into the room. It's my turn to make a move.
"OK, so no Doritos. How about Pringles?"

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