Monday, August 31, 2015

"Manna-X" IS free :-)

And it has been for a few days :-)
It's creeping up the "Humor" ratings, it started out on #80 and is now at #57.
Go and help it climb higher, PLEASE!!! If it gets in the TOP 10, someone might NOTICE it!!
(It's available on all Amazon sites)

My story is still up in the Iron Writer Challenge 125, so if you feel like voting for your favourite story, please click in the box over here...

And, of course, I did WQ130 on the Iron Writer...
But here it is, anyway, all nice and big for ya :-)

Weekend Quickie 130 – image of crazed/frightened dirty face of a woman/beast, frog gigging, hysteria. 250 words

I heard the splashing of water and cracking of branches to my left along the lake's side. It was late, or early, 2:00am. Someone was running towards me in the darkness, at least, I hoped it was 'someone'. I put down my fishing rod and fumbled for my torch. The batteries were dead. 3 meters out I saw a dark silhouette of a girl, desperately fighting through the tree roots and mud. She broke into the small clearing and fell into my arms.
"Run! Run! It's coming!"
I looked behind her and saw only trees.
"Calm down, there's nothing there." Her face and hands were coated in dirt, her t-shirt ragged, ripped. But that was nothing. Her eyes showed fear, bordering on hysteria. There was a snap out in the forest and she jumped.
"It's coming!" She almost wrestled herself from my grip.
"Hey, hey! What happened? Shhh. Calm down."
" and Alice, we...we were out frog gigging, we...we'd reached the record, Dani's record of 129 frogs and...and..." She hid her face into my chest. "It appeared!"
"What appeared?"
"It! It was normal to start with, talking about frogs and gigs, but... then came the first snide, derogatory remark, and then...then..."
"What? What happened?"
"It attacked Alice! I ran! I couldn't save her!" She cried, blowing her nose on my jacket. There was a louder noise, closer now. The girl screamed. And then I saw it.

"No, no, it can't's, it's..."

Friday, August 28, 2015

"Manna-X" is free?

I think "Manna-X", one of masterpieces, is FREE today. I can't remember setting it up...
the best thing to do is go there and find out!
...I'm always looking for your opinions and perhaps a review, so please, download it if you can!

AND the Iron Writer Challenge 125 is up and running...please find some time to go and read and vote!
I'd like to win this one and get a story in the 3rd anthology...:-)

Thursday, August 27, 2015

A sale, a deadline, a play AND C125

Looks like I got a sale of "How to" today, Yay! It moved into the top 1 million ranking...
I also completed an important proofreading task before the deadline...
...and I finished writing up / murdering "Twelfth Night"....

Oh, and  the Iron Writer Challenge 125 is up!
Vote for me! Dani J Caile! Yes, me! You know, me?
...OK, well, you can vote for the others, too, if you wish...they're all good stories, take your pick :-)

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

50,000 hits on my blog! plus 4th Shakespearean play to murder...

Yes, my blog just passed the 50,000 hits mark! Now that is something. I'm sure that at least 1% of those are real people somewhere...okay, maybe 5% :-)
Writing up my 4th Shakespearean play for the 6th Graders (English as a 2nd language), my easy to understand version. After tampering with Hamlet (too depressing and deep) and As You Like It (way too messy) , I chose Twelfth Night.
Here's my first attempt at the beginning...yes, it is juvenile, but it's meant to be, it's for 12 year olds with English as a 2nd language.
What d'ya think? Good so far?

Scene 0

Scene 1
VIOLA: Sebastian my brother! My twin! Where are you? I’m afraid! SEBASTIAN ENTERS
SEBASTIAN: Viola my sister! My sweet twin! Do not be afraid, I am here!  HOLDS HER SHOULDER. CAPTAIN ENTERS
CAPTAIN: Abandon ship! We are doomed, I tell ya, doomed! CAPTAIN LEAVES
VIOLA: Where… where am I?
CAPTAIN: On a beach.?
VIOLA: But where?
CAPTAIN: In the sand?
VIOLA: Sebastian. Where is my brother and twin Sebastian?
CAPTAIN: Drowned?
VIOLA: No! It cannot be!
CAPTAIN: Okay, then. Not drowned?
VIOLA: Where are we?
CAPTAIN: I think you have already…SIGN SHOWING THE WORD “ILLYRIA”….Oh, Illyria, madam.
VIOLA: Syria?! Looks like no one is home.
CAPTAIN: No, Illyria. The Duke Oreos governs this land.
VIOLA: I like Oreos.
CAPTAIN: You haven’t met him yet! Come, we must seek food and shelter.

Scene 2
OLIVIA: My father! My brother! CRIES
DUKE OREOS: Seven years?!
CURIO: Yes, sir. Olivia will not look at another man for seven years.
DUKE OREOS: But seven years?!
CURIO: Tie a knot in it, sir.
DUKE OREOS: For seven years?!
CURIO: Tie two knots.
DUKE OREOS: I love her. I want her now!
CURIO: Make that three.
DUKE OREOS: Seven years?! Think of something, Curio!
CURIO: Yes, sir.
VIOLA: Who is this delicious man?
CAPTAIN: This is Duke Oreos.
VIOLA: I like Oreos.
CAPTAIN: I think you have already….Oh! You like Duke Oreos.
VIOLA: That too.
CURIO: Sir! I have an idea.
DUKE OREOS: Spit it out.
CURIO: But I’m not chewing gum.
DUKE OREOS: Tell  me your idea.
CURIO: Oh. Send a servant to tell Olivia that you love her.
DUKE OREOS: But I don’t have a servant.
VIOLA: Captain! I have an idea! Dress me as a man!
CAPTAIN: Well, hello sailor.
VIOLA: No, not that! Dress me as a man and then I can be a servant to the Duke!
CAPTAIN. Oh, right. Of course.
VIOLA: That’s it?
CAPTAIN: We were shipwrecked. What more do you want?
VIOLA: Greetings, kind sir. I am looking for a position as ‘servant’.
CURIO: Yes! Saved!
DUKE OREOS: Greetings, young…’man’. Yes, I am in need of a servant. LOOKS HER OVER. Yes, congratulations, you have the job!
VIOLA: Thank you, sir!
DUKE OREOS: Now, go to Olivia and tell her how much I love…LOOKS AT VIOLA (ATTRACTED/DISGUSTED) ….her.
DUKE OREOS: Go on, now! Tell her!
VIOLA: Yes, sir.


Monday, August 24, 2015

"How to" is almost PRICELESS!

I had a look at Amazon to see if any reviews were put on my latest, "How to Build a Castle in Seven Easy Steps" and I was SURPRISED to find that some people have put HUGE PRICES on some copies...

 And then there was an even MORE expensive one...


You can get a 'real' copy here, at a not-so-extortionate price :-)

Sunday, August 23, 2015

If you keep trying...

...something's gotta happen...
I've just become the editor of the "Firefly & Wisp" monthly magazine! I'm on a trial period but this small publisher is on the way up :-)
I've also picked up a large editing job from my friend Jasper :-)
AND I'm starting to write up the story of Graham Reader and how he became the 'soul collector', or Grim Reaper. Hopefully I can put a 'serial' story in the forementioned magazine :-)

Iron Writer Challenge 125 is coming up at the end of the week...and guess who's in it! Me. Yes. So I'll need your vote...later...if you feel my story is worthy...
...a picture from a month or two ago...the closest I'll get to Shakespeare...!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Update August 2015...All For Love...

Back to planet Earth, with many ideas running through my brain but nothing substantial...
..still waiting on "All For Love" to come out...

...and "Alice on the Outside-In" (including the Esperanto version) went over 150 free downloads...

PLUS "Baby Shoes" will have a 1/2 price day soon...

"Rage" got a FREE advert on Desert Bookshelf (Friends With Books) :-)
(I have a paperback copy in my hand...if you ask nicely, I'll send you it...signed...yes, I know it puts its value down but hey...)
An advert all thanks to James Paddock, a writer and believer in the Indie market!
He has MANY books of his own, which you can see here...

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Bullying - WQ127

This week's Iron Writer Weekend Quickie brought back some memories. happened. It still happens. Maybe someone in your social circle, someone at work, one of your neighbours or family, whatever. It's not big, it's not clever, it's a cliche.
Here's my take this week, along with a few others, read them if you wish here....

...or read mine right below :-)
PLUS the Sci-fi Christmas short story (3000 words) is complete! A quick read through and done :-)

Weekend Quickie 127 - (image of bully pushing kid’s head on desk, best friends, gratitude)

"I...I...didn't bring any money," squirmed Kevin, sitting at his desk as Carl, the school bully, and his sidekick Dave loomed over him.
"Well, that's gratitude for ya! I make you my best friend and you can't be bothered to pay for my school lunch when I'm in dire need? Now is that right, I ask you? To leave a friend, a best friend, out in the lurch like that? Eh?"
"I...I..." Kevin looked around the class, hoping someone would come and help, but the others sat, ignoring their little situation.
"I think not! I'm gonna have to give you a reminder of where you an me stand! See that mark scratched in your desk, the one I put there yesterday and you got detention for? That mark means you and me are best buddies! Get it? See?"
"I..." He tried to move but Carl forced him down, to the amusement of Dave.
"I don't think you're looking at it close enough! See it now? Eh? Eh?"
Carl pushed Kevin's face onto his desk, not once, not twice, but three times. As a crack appeared in his glasses he saw on the board that it was only Tuesday.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Ideas, ideas, ideas

Still working on the Sci-fi Charity anthology story. Ideas keep popping up, so it'll soon be ready.
I also spotted a great place to submit stories, so I'd better get moving on other little projects, too.
But, there is, of course, my older work to check out...

And, of course, "Baby Shoes"!!! 100 authors, 100 stories!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Sci-fi Christmas story for Charity...

If you didn't know, there's 'Alice on the Outside-In' for FREE over here...(trying to get 100 downloads)... 

And yes, I'm trying to write a Sci-fi short story for a Christmas anthology (for charity).
Here's the beginning. What d'ya think?

“Ho ho ho!”
The vibrations moved through the ship as the Drive kicked in, sending the plastic dancing Santa I’d stuck to the side of the Communication panel into a frenzy. I sat, strapped in my seat, waiting for the stabilizers to take over. Time ticked on, my eyeballs were coming lose.
“Sands! Where are those stabilizers?” I screamed over to the co-pilot. Thiesmanne, our pilot, was down in the bay, secured in the loading cabin, watching the consignment. Myself and the others were here in Ulysses’ command centre, being shaken to death.  
“Keep your hair on! They’ll be on in a second!” Sands flashed across the propulsion settings, flicking switches, pushing flashing lights.
“That’s all I’ll have left if this keeps on much…!” retorted Brink, the Science officer, being cut short by the quietness and smoothness of the stabilisers working. “That’s better.” He went to undo his belt but Sands held up her palm.
“Not until this light goes out.” There was a ‘bing’ as the offending icon disappeared. “Okay, you’re fine now.”
Sighs of relief filled the centre as we unbuckled and checked to see if we were all in one piece. A-okay. The dancing Santa slowed to a halt, his little bell giving one last ring, leaving nothing more to disturb the peace of the crew, now engrossed in their work panels. As Communications officer, I had nothing to do until we reached our destination Ayos IV the next day. The Comm from the loading bay started to flash, so I opened a channel.
“Thiesmanne, are you okay?”
“Of course, Dayne. The consignment is secure. I’m coming back up now.”
“Copy that.” I turned in my seat to find Sands literally hovering over me dressed only in her standard jumpsuit, making her weightless. “Sands! Warn people when you do that!”
“So? Thiesmanne?”
I sat there, waiting, saying nothing. She finally tutted and begrudgingly put her boots back on, setting her firmly back on the deck.
“That better?”
“He’s coming back up. Everything’s A-okay.”
“Good. Tell him to bring up some ration packs, I’m dying for a snack.” She gave her control panel a glance and went over to the Restroom at the back of the centre. Like myself, she was only needed later. Thankfully. Out of the whole crew, of which there were twelve, she was the hardest to get along with. Most of the others were quiet, nice, hard-working professionals in their own specialised fields, but her? A complete contrast to Thiesmanne her superior.
By the time he’d appeared back in the command centre, she was fast asleep and many of the others had settled back for a few winks.
“Well, Dayne, looks like we’ll be home for Christmas,” said Thiesmanne, taking his seat. He looked over the display panel and nodded. I slapped the dancing Santa.
“Ho ho ho!”
“Yes. You know, after all these centuries of growth, exploration, first contact, you’d have thought Christmas would be a thing of the past.”
“It is. But tradition is tradition, Thiesmanne. The colony on Ayos IV are expecting a tree, and a tree is what they’ll get.”
He shook his head, noticing Sands snoring away in the Restroom.
“Some people, eh?”
“Oh, Sands? Tell me, how the hell did she get to be your co-pilot? She’s a disaster.”
“Oh, that’s easy. We were in the same squadron in the War. We made it through together.”
“Was she help or hindrance?”
We laughed. The War had been short but brutal. I’d been assigned on one of three Destroyer class ships brought into service, though after the initial skirmishes they were mostly redundant, our enemy the Krogans moving over to guerrilla tactics early on. Fighter squadrons like Thiesmanne, and apparently Sands, took the brunt of the action. Many good people lost their lives.
“I’ll tell you a story,” smiled Thiesmanne. “When we started the Academy, she and…” The lights went out and we were thrown from our seats. Sirens and screams filled the air. Emergency backup power turned on, leaving us mainly in the dark but essential systems switched back on. Sands was up and out before we made it back up on our feet.
“What the hell was that?” shouted Sands, running over to the Drive panel.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Another fantastic little story! WQ126

Yes! Another completely pointless 200 word story!
I do them every week, they bring out the best in me :-)

And here it is here...just in case you didn't feel like clicking over and seeing a few others. You should, but hey...

Weekend Quickie 126 (image of a stainless steel tank and ‘machinery’, a prototype invention, An unanticipated by-product, Incredulity)

"Impressive," nodded the CEO, watching as Davis, his Head of Research ran around pressing switches, pushing knobs and pulling levers on the machine.
"It's only a prototype at the moment but as you will see, sir, it'll bring us success like we've never had before!" Davis held his pose and with one last press, the invention went into action. "By adding all the hippest beats, the sounds of the most recent Top 10 hits, the best of fashion, the 'happenist' moves of the moment from the dance floor, we can, with this, create the greatest 'Boy Band' ever!"
"This, I'd like to believe," said the CEO, fiddling his thumbs.
After a great hiss, out popped an all-singing, all-dancing 4 piece Boy Band.
"Aren't they great?" screamed Davis.
"What the hell is that?" pointed the CEO. From behind the boys came a sight which brought terror. Bill Cosby.
"No, I...I don't understand. How can this...?"
"Looks like your machine created a little 'unanticipated by-product'." 
Davis fell to his knees in utter incredulity and stared at the egotistical, womanising hedonist puffing out jazz melodies from his whiskered cheeks.
"So close, yet so far," smiled the CEO, closing the door behind him.