Saturday, August 1, 2015

Another fantastic little story! WQ126

Yes! Another completely pointless 200 word story!
I do them every week, they bring out the best in me :-)

And here it is here...just in case you didn't feel like clicking over and seeing a few others. You should, but hey...

Weekend Quickie 126 (image of a stainless steel tank and ‘machinery’, a prototype invention, An unanticipated by-product, Incredulity)

"Impressive," nodded the CEO, watching as Davis, his Head of Research ran around pressing switches, pushing knobs and pulling levers on the machine.
"It's only a prototype at the moment but as you will see, sir, it'll bring us success like we've never had before!" Davis held his pose and with one last press, the invention went into action. "By adding all the hippest beats, the sounds of the most recent Top 10 hits, the best of fashion, the 'happenist' moves of the moment from the dance floor, we can, with this, create the greatest 'Boy Band' ever!"
"This, I'd like to believe," said the CEO, fiddling his thumbs.
After a great hiss, out popped an all-singing, all-dancing 4 piece Boy Band.
"Aren't they great?" screamed Davis.
"What the hell is that?" pointed the CEO. From behind the boys came a sight which brought terror. Bill Cosby.
"No, I...I don't understand. How can this...?"
"Looks like your machine created a little 'unanticipated by-product'." 
Davis fell to his knees in utter incredulity and stared at the egotistical, womanising hedonist puffing out jazz melodies from his whiskered cheeks.
"So close, yet so far," smiled the CEO, closing the door behind him.

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