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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Desert Bus going strong

Today I received a really nice message from an old friend...
"I've just read your stories in Desert Bus and just had to write to tell you how brilliant I think they are...  There's a lovely flow to your writing in those pieces and the emotion coming through is immense. The first one got me right in the gut and the second one had me turning pages rapidly! Brilliant work."
That made my day, week, year, really. I remember when I wrote those 2 stories and doubting myself (back in 2014).
Looking back at my Amazon Author Ranking in this last year, if I add them all up, I broke into the top 100,000 authors for a total of 8 days! That's over a week! My best rank was #67,853...and these anthologies have really helped with that.
Dani's Short 5 isn't really clicking off Smashwords, but it'll be on Amazon soon and I can do a promo from a website people actually go to...yes, Smashwords is good if you want to give free stuff but it's audience...I'm happy it's there, though.
Stuck on "How to 2"...not the story, just my mood. Maybe today...:-)

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