Saturday, October 31, 2015

No more Mr FREE guy + Halloween Special

I read this post on a website somewhere that said a few interesting things about giving away your books for free. It doesn't do any good. It doesn't get reviews. It doesn't get sales of other books. Plus if someone can't pay 99c for one of your ebooks, then there's something wrong isn't there? My writing, especially the last novels and stuff is up there with the best (not talking about Bestsellers, they're shit).  Sure, I want to be known, but from what I've seen, those that do bother to download for free, either don't read the books or don't review. So, as of today, all Smashwords ebooks (except the latest book) are no longer free. On Amazon I will increase the price of my ebooks, and hold promo days every so often (free days).
You have maybe a few more minutes to download things for free...
If you'd like to review one of my books, message me, I'll be nice :-)

On another note, here's Weekend Quickie 140 Halloween Special :-)
See the others over here at Iron Writer :-)

WQ 140 – image of girl in dress sitting in a lake, paranormal, panic

It was Jenni's second Halloween. She'd been slack with the potions and spells practice during the year. Her mother had told her every day to go upstairs and do her wand exercises, cauldron cooking and broomstick flying, but she'd spent the whole time on her phone watching Youtube videos, messaging friends and commenting on Facebook. Time had passed and now she was in trouble. She panicked.
"It's time, dear!" shouted her mother. Jenni peeped downstairs and saw that everyone else was ready. She rushed over to her wardrobe and looked in...she'd forgotten to finish her witch's dress. "Come on, dear!"
"I'll... I'll be out in a minute! Go on ahead without me!" She heard her family leaving. Now where was her broomstick? She couldn't remember where she'd put it! "Broomie? Oh, Broomie?" She got covered in dust as the thing flew past her. "Broomie! We have to go and do the Halloween thing!" Her broom bounced around the room but she was still in a panic. Her mother would kill her if she messed up tonight. She sat on Broomie and it flew out of the window. Unfortunately she'd forgotten to strap herself on and landed in the lake.

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