Friday, November 6, 2015

Jade M. Phillips - GOOD Vampire Series!

Yeah, yeah, vampires... what's new?
Well, sci-fi... what's new? Oh, yeah "Star Wars"...mmm, not new... good news, but not new. Nothing's new! What we all need is something GOOD!
I have a sci-fi writer I like, he writes smooth, easy to understand, fantasic books. Nothing new, but GOOD! Jasper T Scott! 

Now I have a new Vampire writer I like... Jade M. Phillips! 

It's nothing new, but it's GOOD! It has everything you need in a book! Action, heartbreak, adventure, life, death... I could go on but what I'm trying to say is, there is....Nothing new, but there is GOOD! There is also BAD, but why go there? Those writers will either stop... or keep getting paid large amounts of money from Huge Publishing Houses to write shitty books you think are good because some poster or magazine tells you it's good... when it's not. Those writers may die happy/dumb but their legacy are their shitty books.
So, like I said, nothing new, but there are some things which are GOOD! And this new vampire series is one of them! 

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