Thursday, December 24, 2015

Part 12 Iron Writer Christmas Special - The End

This is it! The end of the 2015 Iron Writer 12 Days of Christmas Special, one day early (due to to be with 'real' people on that day :-))
Here are the stories on the website...
And here's my final piece! Hope you've enjoyed the whole story and stories from the other Iron Writers!

WQ158 - image above, brokenness, a true friend, winning by losing

Part 12 (the end)

With a horse given by the Empress' guard, Feyle rode to where he'd begun, through the wasteland and past his discarded sword and armour, remnants of his former self. He needed them no longer. Breaking through the fence, he entered into his old domain.
"Halt! By order of Kristphen the Grim in the name of the Emperor, halt!" shouted a Captain commanding a legion of men. There were too many, but there was no going back. His horse plummeted into the ranks, with sword swinging through the lines. Falling to the ground, he fought for space, cutting down any soldier who dared come near. Over time, he was hit by lucky strikes while slashing through the crowd and fell. The circle around him broke to show Kristphen himself, knife in hand. Feyle tried to stand but could find nothing left. His strength spent, he watched his last moments go by.
"Feyle! You are a traitor to the Emperor and to me! Die like the dog you are!" Kristphen stabbed Feyle in the chest and all went dark. He'd lost, Kristphen had won the final victory. But he felt no more brokenness, no emptiness in his loss. He'd been true to himself, death becoming his true friend. He waited to die and heard trumpets calling nearby. Krisphen fell beside him, dead.
"The Empress! She is here! Flee! We are undone!" shouted a soldier.
A moment later, the old man laughed, giving Feyle his hand. "Young man, now is not the time."

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