Friday, December 18, 2015

Part 5 - WQ151 Iron Writer Special

The Iron Writer 12 Days of Christmas Special is still going strong, with 4 writers taking on the challenge. Go here to see the latest...
And here's my latest part...for earlier parts, go see earlier posts...logical :-)


Elements: image above, mudane, a blessing, a benefit of being humble...

Part 5

Days past as they trudged through the wasteland ahead, with nothing but a few small plants and the wind for company. The fourth warrior grew weaker every day, losing blood not from his arm but an unseen injury in his side. He finally could walk no longer and fell to his knees.
"Captain, I am done. If only I had died in combat, and not here, in this barren land like a dog," the fourth said. "Sir, it has been an honour to fight for the Emperor, and to fight by your side, if only for a moment." The warrior dropped to the ground and lay silent, his chest faintly rising.
Feyle walked over to the fallen warrior and bowed his head. "I will say a blessing for you." When he opened his eyes once more, the warrior's life had passed on. Placing him in a stone grave, away from the ruining of worms, Feyle contemplated why he had surivived. Ever since he was young, he'd tried to stay humble and not lose his head. Earlier, there were times he'd boasted of his skills, but he'd paid in blood for his blatant egotism. Being humble brought a higher self-control, something every warrior needed to survive their next battle. His life was mostly mundane and uneventful, but in those times of great need, it was the ability to keep calm which set him apart from the others. He was a cold, lethal, killing machine. And now was his chance to shine.

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