Thursday, December 17, 2015

WQ150 - Part 4 of TIW Christmas Special

Yep, WQ 150 is up!
I'm trying to do a continous story for this 12 parter, and it seems to be going well. What do you think? Too much? I'm trying for that kinda feel...

250 words, the elements being this image (not compulsory but it's in the story), gifts, virtue and dictotomy. 
Here is my Part 4...(see yesterday's post for Part 3 and, Parts 1 and 2 the day before)

Part 4

When the dust settled, twenty-five men lay dead on the field. The first warrior had fallen.
"May his soul reach Nirvana," said Feyle, wiping blood from his sword. The second and third warriors stepped back from himself and the fourth, their faces contorting with hate. Feyle realised the fight was not over.
"Traitors!" shouted the third warrior, holding the point of his sword towards Feyle. Why did he think to trust Kristphen the Grim to hand-pick the team of warriors for this mission? He stood with the fourth against the two turncoats.
"I see we have a dichotomy," said Feyle, swinging his sword in one hand and grabbing its grip with both.
"You side with the Emperor!" The third spat on the ground. Feyle looked over to the fourth, who stood by his side, ready. "For the Empress!" screamed the second and the fight began, swords clashing in mid-air. They were warriors, fighters, bred to kill. Every thrust was met with a parry, every step forwards was followed with a step back. Time past without them. Finally, the fourth overcame the second, but at a cost. The third fought well, but Feyle slayed him soon after. A metallic sound hit the ground and a bag of gold coins lay in the pool of the warrior's blood.
"Gold. Of course. A man who loses his virtues for mere 'gifts' has no place in this life." Feyle sighed and gestured to the fourth warrior, now bleeding from the sword arm, to follow.

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