Monday, December 7, 2015

WQ145 + "Groundhog day"

I finally had a go at Iron Writer Weekend Quickie 145!
I love the movie "Groundhog Day", the whole concept, the 10,000 years of suffering and change to become selfless is amazing and Bill Murray is fact, I can't think of one single movie where he wasn't. Andie MacDowell on the other hand, I can see why she later went on to do adverts.
Children are slowly taking over...have you seen it? Of course, those in power are in control, but one day these spoilt children will rule the us all...

Here is my WQ145 on the website...

But here it is... here...:-)

145 – image of a polluted, dried up/clear, green grass city, artifacts of antiquity, something from the film “Groundhog Day”

A taste of the future

The radio blared out "I Got you Babe" as his alarm clock hit 6 am.
"What the hell? Am I in 'Groundhog Day'?" moaned Steve, wiping the sleep from his eyes. "Well at least that makes me Bill Murray. I wonder who my Andie MacDowell is? I hope she doesn't have curly hair."
He got out of bed and shuffled over to the closed curtains. With a defiant, swift movement, he opened them to his fantastic 14th floor view of the city, smog hanging over the buildings, dirt covering the streets, homeless begging for water.
"One day, I'll open these to find a city of life, the sun beaming down, the people laughing and smiling, and grass growing in every nook and cranny," he said, scratching his groin. "Then again, maybe not."
Moving into the kitchen-cum-dining room-cum-living room, he greeted his parents, two ancient artifacts of antiquity crunching through their morning muesli.
"Morning, son, are you gonna get that sorry arse of yours to do something today?" imitated Steve.
"You're a...!" said his father.
"Now, now, dad, you know you're not allowed to oppress me," smiled Steve. His mother whimpered as he stole her breakfast. "One call and that's it."


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