Saturday, December 12, 2015

WQ146 :-)

It's that time of the week again, the Iron Writer Weekend Quickie, where in 200 words the challenge is to make something of 3 elements...
Here is my take on the Iron Writer website...
But here it is too :-)

The Iron Writer Weekend Quickie 146

Elements: Image of woman wearing glasses which allow you to watch TV in bed lying down, a stranger, an Emergency (200 words)

"So, how is it?" Joe asked as he put his coat up on the rack.
"It's great, I can see everything from a horizontal position. No need to mess around with pillows to get a good view and I can be relaxed at the same time. You can watch whatever you want and fall asleep without any worries of waking up with a bad neck," she said, lying on the bed and watching the large flat screen TV across the other side of the small flat.
"Yes, that's why I bought them, those glasses. The wonder is that they don't lose any definition through the 90 degree light deflection." He stood there and looked at her on the bed. "There was an emergency, I was called out. A big pile up on the highway and they were a doctor short. I was available. It's good to get out 'in the field' once in a while, keeps you on your toes. General practise just isn't the same, too many babies and OAPs."
"Super." She continued to watch the TV.
"So, erm, just the one question," said Joe.
"Who the hell are you and how did you get into my flat?"

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