Sunday, January 17, 2016

2 Fantastic reviews of "All For Love" :-)

A good start! Apparently I have some sales over at Smashwords...
...and two fantastic reviews over on Amazon from ARC readers, after only 1 day :-)

Thank you Larry and Amy! Maybe this little novella will get me off the Desert Bus and into the Castle :-)
Siren's Song...yes! She got it! :-) Lili B's face, the inspiration for this little story, a real-life siren, can be found on the back of the paperback version of the book, which will be available soon.
The book even has its own website!
AND it's on Goodreads...

5.0 out of 5 stars
Siren’s Song
By Amy Outland

Readers of mystery and mythology will probably enjoy All For Love, the edgy novella by author Dani J. Caile.
A mystery unfolds in the small fishing community of Fickleton, when two fishermen, Horris and Nigel find the body of a one of the village’s residents, a beautiful young girl named Evelyn floating in the river.
All For Love is a quick read at just over one hundred pages that could easily be read from start to finish in one sitting if one were so inclined.
This sharply written novella is filled with humor and suspense and will keep you guessing as the two dim-witted fishermen put their heads together to simultaneously discern the killer’s identity and prove their own innocence.
This story is fast-paced and entertaining so if you’re looking for a mystery or maybe just a good laugh All For Love is definitely worth your time.

5.0 out of 5 stars
Great Fast Paced Edgy Work
by Larry Paz

An intriguing fast read mystery with well-defined characters. The main plot is well presented and the sub plots heighten the storyline. The reader lives the twists and turns of the story through Horris and Nigel. Want to enjoy a fun but thoughtful evening of edgy reading? This book did it for me.

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