Saturday, January 16, 2016

WQ162 + "All For Love" on Smashwords

"All For Love" is available on Smashwords now for 99c... 

I've also written my entry for the Iron Writer Winter 2015's different. Next week...

And here's the Iron Writer Weekend Quickie 162...
Mine is reproduced down here, too...

WQ162 – image above, a longstanding debt, an estranged relationship, counter-intuitive

As the rain poured down, he watched the gay, vibrant crowd inside the corner bar. Their revelry would be quickly halted. Lighting a cigarette, he took one long drag and flicked what was left into the wet gutter, following its journey into the sewers  below. One other would follow it tonight. Checking his gun below his trench coat, he entered the espresso bar, the aroma of crushed coffee beans mixing with the dampness of the night. No one turned as he sat down on a stool by the toilet door. He ordered a cappuccino and waited. It didn't take long for her to come over.
"Long time no see, Dave," his estranged publisher said as she took the seat next to him.
"You owe me," he said, pouring a bag of brown sugar into his cup and watching it disappear under the foam.
"Owe you? That was a long time ago, Dave, get over it," she said, sipping her americano.
He reached for his gun but she was quicker, firing a shot into his gut. The crowd continued on, laughing, joking.
"Well..." said Dave. "That was... counter-intuitive." He fell from his stool and lay, watching his blood cover the tiles.

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