Sunday, January 3, 2016

A chance to win $100!? I'll try that!

Yes, I just saw this opportunity for I put in "How to" and let's see how it goes.
Please go over here, register as a 'reader' and vote for my nice little book :-) If I'm top of the list at the end of Sunday, I win $100!

Firefly & Wisp Nov/Dec 2015...we're waiting for the guys at the publishing site to 'click' a button. I think they're still on holiday.
"All For Love" should be coming out mid-Jan 2016
A collaboration is going along slowly, though I might finish it alone.
Another collaboration is halted for now.
Working on a larger plot to enlarge my Xmas 12 Days story into a book.
Working on "How to... 2"
Submitting to a few sci-fi magazines (so far, only rejections)...
In the Iron Writer 2015 Winter Open Prelims at the end of the week with a GREAT story (vignette).

The New Year brings more... :-)

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