Saturday, January 2, 2016

WQ 160 + Iron Writer Challenges

Sorry to say I didn't win the 50-50 Challenge 140 :-(
I got the popular vote...

But lost in the Iron Writer voting 4-5. Richard's story was a good one, though :-) I'm glad he got another win, he deserved it.

In a week I'll be in the 2015 Winter Open with another EXACTLY 500 word story. Link later.
Firefly double issue (November+December) is ready, though still no link...

But now it's WQ160!
Go see the stories on the Iron Writer website...
Or read mine here :-)

WQ160 – image above, fruitcake, returning to work after the holidays

"Scalpel," ordered Doctor Bungles.
"But doctor, you haven't seen the patient's notes, yet," said Nurse Petticoat, showing him the paperwork on her clipboard.
"Oh yes, silly me. You know what it's like, returning to work after the holidays. You forget the routine, jump right into the fun bit." The other members of staff in the room gave a polite laugh. "What's the problem, nurse? Bypass? Arteries? Kidney stones? Transplant? Corns?" The doctor turned the pages on the clipboard and gasped.
"Oh my! Really?" he exclaimed.
"Yes, doctor. Whole," said the nurse. They looked over at the patient, anesthetized and ready to go.
"Whole? Some people know how to spend their holidays, don't they? This I will have to see."
Nurse Petticoat passed him the scalpel and he began. After a fine cut across the stomach and a little swabbing of his forehead from the nurse, he stretched open the incision with his hands to reveal the glorious prize.
"Oh, doctor, that's amazing!" said the nurse. Surprise filled the room.
"Yes, it is. That's the biggest Kugelhupf I've ever seen." The doctor pulled out the sweet confectionary from the patient and laid it down on a large plate. "Anyone for fruitcake?"

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