Monday, January 11, 2016

MORE Oregon?!?! Give the Land back to d'em Injuns!

There's still more Oregon Standoff news?

Why don't they mention the Bush Paiute tribe? THEY own the land! NOT the Feds! And hell not those "3% of Oregon"! The Bush Paiute tribe were the ones who were forced to sign a Treaty which was later NOT RATIFIED and so it is STILL THEIRS! By the Feds own laws!
Read about it here!

A quote from the above website post...

Rodrique would like the FBI to remove the armed men, and she thinks the FBI's inaction is a double standard.
"If I, as a native person, a person of color, were to go down there and do the same thing, they would have hit me on the forehead with a baton" and dragged her out, she says. But "because they're white people, I feel that they're being treated differently."
(article written by NPR Staff)
Yep. The Feds have double standards.
The "3% of Oregon" are WHITE and have GUNS = Stand Off
NON-WHITE with GUNS = Bloodbath
Simple. Give back the land to the Bush Paiute tribe and arrest the "3% of Oregon" for terrorism.

On another matter...another rejection letter...this time from Asimov Science Fiction Magazine...they said...
Unfortunately, your story isn't quite what we're looking for right now.
In the future, we'd appreciate it if you formatted the story in standard manuscript format (SMF).
Standard Manuscript format...really?

Anyway, "All For Love"...coming out on Friday. And hopefully this Oregon thing will be over by then...

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