Saturday, January 30, 2016

Two Quickies in one Post! Oh my!

I came 2nd in the Iron Writer 2015 Winter Open :-( 
Twelve votes came in from the Iron Writers, 6-4-2, meaning one person made all the difference. My story was 'clever'. I wasn't going for 'wham bam' funny, more 'oh, clever'. I guess it wasn't 'punchy' enough. Oh well.

I'm also still waiting for a magazine to come out which has two of my stories, reviews and interviews of those I have met along my writing 'travels'. Still.
Also waiting for the paperback of "All For Love"...if you'd like it in Kindle, it's here...

Later this year, I have a short story in a 'love' anthology (Feb 14th), and one in a humorous anthology on Afterlife (2nd quarter of 2016)...seeing as I wrote 4/5 books on this subject, I was able to think of something for that one.

So, here's the last two Iron Writer Quickies, with pictures!

163 – image above, An important task, A complication, End your story with a quote from any song, movie, or book

"Look, Tarquin, this is a very important task. You can't just continue on thinking this way as though it's nothing," stated Jeffrey, sipping his tea and watching the people walk by, busy in their business.
"Why don't you deal with your own house before throwing stones, Jeffrey," spat Tarquin, brushing his quiff away from his face.
"Do you at least have a plan, my dear fellow?" asked Jeffrey. He spotted a potential target for tonight's follies, winking at him and getting the nod.
"Who do you think I am? Of course I do. I have a Plan A, Plan B AND Plan C."
Jeffrey turned his attention towards his companion and stared in disbelief. "Then why haven't you started?" he asked.
"There's a slight complication," replied Tarquin.
"Complication. Complication, you say? I think there's a little more than just a 'slight complication', my dear fellow!," laughed Jeffrey.
"Oh no, no. It's not that bad, almost... insignificant if you take in the bigger picture," said Tarquin.
Jeffrey put his cup down on the saucer and leaned closer, gesturing to Tarquin to do the same. His companion did, reluctantly.
"Tarquin, please. All that happens means something; nothing you do is ever insignificant."

164 – image above, desperation, social anxiety disorder, a concerted effort

Under the cover of the ship's engines, three invaders landed close by their target, unnoticed in the smoke and noise.
"Come on men, only with a concerted effort can we fulfill this mission!" shouted Jiddar, the leader of the three armored warriors. They ran together and entered the building, spotting what they had come for. With guns at the ready, Jiddar motioned to one of the others to act. "Zarth! Go, go, go!" The man didn't move. "Zarth!"
"I...I can't do this, I tell you! I'm worthless, completely worthless!" screamed Zarth, letting his XR378 Laser Cannon fall and dropping to his knees.
"What the f...?" said Jiddar.
"Oh no, his Social Anxiety Disorder has kicked in again," sighed Tardish.
"What? We only have a few seconds left!" Out of desperation, Jiddar unpressurised his armor, allowing him to remove his gloves and try bare-handed. With all his might he tried, with no success. He shook his head and suited up to leave, turning to his comrade. "Looks like we go back to base empty-handed once again, Tardish," said Jiddar, grabbing a sobbing Zarth and dragging him back to the ship.
The peanut butter jar stood defiantly on the table, unopened.

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