Sunday, January 31, 2016

Oregon Standoff...almost the end

Finally, something happened.
But unfortunately someone died. Here's the official footage.
From what I can see, the action really starts at 9:15, when the white car swerves off to the left into the snow. Finicum runs out towards the trees with his hands up. He reaches for something in his pocket, only to put his hands up again but still moves towards the trees. He then spins, reaches for something in his pocket, spots the Officer coming out of the trees, stops, and then gets shot. When he's lying in the snow, he does something else, who knows, then his right arm rests in the snow. He's still alive at that time. There are a few shots from the white car, as seen by the gun flashes. 10 minutes later, the other men slowly get out of the white car after two Officers walk up to it. The Officers can then get to Finicum. By that time, he's dead or dying. If they were allowed to get to him before then, he might still be alive. Might. Just might. If he'd kept his hands up, they wouldn't have shot him.

So, what was more important than a good man's life? Playing with guns?
There are still 4 armed people left on the Refuge. Apparently, "Only God knows what's to come." (see link below) These people are dumb, so dumb.

I'm all for having guns for self-defense, but to use them to take over an area of government land because you disagree with something? Nope. That's just as bad as taking a gun into school. That's bullying and threatening, and a complete abuse of yours and everyone else's freedom.
Guns are a tool to kill. Do you really need to carry one around with you, or fire one as a deterrent? If so, something is wrong with your community and you need to deal with that.

...but STILL nothing about the land being the property of the Bush Paiute Tribe...

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  1. Good piece - thank you. It's difficult to see an optimal/peaceful end to this situation; hope I'm wrong about that.