Monday, February 29, 2016

Posters and now TV adverts! Shoving it in our faces!

Yes, they're shoving their dictatorship communist style illiberal democracy in our faces. They've been doing it for years.
First they took small things like the flag/rosetta and made them their own...when they should be FOR ALL Hungarians and NOT just Liberals...oh, sorry, Illiberals.
Then they put up huge billboards saying how FANTASTIC their illiberal democracy is working. You couldn't go down to the local shop without being hit in he face by these huge blue's one of many...
 (We save a lot in this reformed system) - rough translation
They then moved onto 'brainwashing' with these billboards about immigrants...there were a lot of different messages, this is one...

(If you come to Hungary, don't take jobs away from Hungarians!) - perfect translation

ALL these posters were paid for by TAX PAYERS money, around HUF 500m each campaign.

The small Two-tailed Dog Party retaliated with their own versions...

 (If you are the Hungarian Prime Minister, you must keep to the laws and regulations) - rough translation

The Two-tailed Dog Party even had their posters in English...You see, the dictatorship communist style illiberal democracy's billboards were in Hungarian, addressed to ALL immigrants who don't know Hungarian! So they were actually PROMOTING HATE amongst Hungarian citizens. The Two-tailed Dog Party wanted to make sure the immigrants understood.

AND NOW...(I think they did this earlier, too), we're getting TV adverts about how GREAT it all is! Yes, we're getting it our faces every hour! This is, of course, ILLEGAL...and they are AGAIN using TAX PAYERS money to promote and brainwash. This blog won't let me add a video plus I can't find one...but here's the message...

..errr, no.

No matter how many demonstrations there are, how many lies are debunked, how many MPs are revealed to be liers and cheats, how much corruption is found, they continue on with "Mi van?" (What's the matter?)
The sister of the President (an honourary title, 2nd ranked person in the country and loyal to the 'illiberal democracy') has now been made Head of KLIK, the adminstrative department of Education, the person who deals with all finance and documentation of schools...the teachers are now in a lot of trouble...SHARE THE NEWS....Dictatorship is ripe and alive, in the form of a communist illiberal democracy.

A country isn't one person's plaything to give to that person's friends, family and acquaintances, it belongs to the citizens and so whoever has been elected to lead the country should LISTEN TO THE CITIZENS and NOT THEMSELVES. One's called a Dictatorship, the other a Government.

Oh, and someone read 3 pages of "Rage of Atlantis" through Amazon's KENP the other days...WOW...maybe they'll read more! Or is this the Secret Police, come to find me?

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