Thursday, March 3, 2016

They are now 'Slapping the Shit'! please #SHARE #RT

Seems I only post politics nowadays...hang's NOT politics, it's LIFE.
Politics is dull, uninteresting, but unfortunately, it's a system we created so we don't have to deal with the everyday running of our lives. Unfortunately, as soon as politics was created, in came its soul brother 'corruption'.  Nothing we can do except GIVE A SHIT  and make sure no dipshit loser who thinks he/she's God can get in and control a country... that would be Trump in the USA. We already have our crazy dictator here.

A few of the Unbelieveable things which happened this far...

The Government has accepted to close their new administrative 'department' in the Education system (KLIK) and create a 'brand new' one... I think they should call it DICK.
This move is of course...
1. a way to show voters that they're doing something about the problem they have with Education (which it isn't);
2. a way to INCREASE CORRUPTION by charging double for all the changes they'll make for it to happen. They did it before when they created KLIK. "Slapping the shit" (an old Hungarian it out, imagine the scene...)

There are also plans to make ALL GOVERNMENT SPENDING SECRET...
as the Big Man said...     
                                     "when they give us the money, it's not theirs anymore. Why do they need to know what we do with it"      
                                            ...great words. Dick.
 The tax payers will not know what the Government will spend the country's money on. This is BLATANT CORRUPTION, or TRANSPARENT CORRUPTION on the largest scale possible.

Money matters for the Government. Politics don't. There aren't any. It's a dictatorship, no need to be political about anything. When ONE PERSON is calling the shots, there is no place for politics... and no place for citizens.

When's the Revolution? Looks like these people will never move. When the Government have squeezed the last forint out of the country, the citizens and the EU, and sold it all to the Russians, maybe THEN the people will move. But then it'll be too late.

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