Sunday, February 7, 2016

Rage: Not just a pretty Sci-fi - Dolphins are Muslims

Yes, I don't think readers of 'Rage' (FREE right now, go here to get it... really understand how much 9/11 is in that book.
The dolphins are Muslims...yes. Killed by the Atlanteans, strapped onto a flying craft and flown into a building...sound familiar? What? You think the terrorists did it all by themselves? Who did you think gave them the money to become terrorists in the first place? Who got them to America? Who gave them all money for pilot training? Do you think money grows on trees? Show me the trees, I need some of them... There are other social aspects of the dolphins relationship within the book which mirror the Christian/Muslim 'disagreement', shall we say.
Other than that, who can miss Satan on the toilet? I can't. I'm reading it again...

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