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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Soon we won't be able to joke about anything! + WQ165

Been watching some interviews and talks from John Cleese. Yes, he's right about humour, this 'political correctness' has gone too far. Soon, no one will be able to make a joke about anything. Humour is based on teasing. Humour is critical. Without a joke, you're living in '1984'. Other than this, Cleese seems to be living on quotes from experts and reminiscing about the past. Rather like Billy Connolly.
Nice video from Cleese about political correctness and humour...

 And here's the Iron Writer Weekend Quickie 165
Here it is on the website...all of a
And here is my take of this week's elements...

WQ165 - turmoil, implications, a tipping point

Baptism of Fire

"Alas, poor Yorick, I knew him...shit, that's not him," said Francis, dropping the skull and searching the exhumed remains for others.
"Francis, please, enough," said Richard, Francis' companion.
"The time is ripe at 14:43 on this Thursday afternoon while the sun moves over the land and warms the yearning earth beneath our feet covered with brown leather shoes and tartan patterned socks with yellow smiley faces." He stopped in his tracks. "Ah-ha! I am at the tipping point of a new idea!"
"Please keep it to yourself, Francis. Your over-descriptive information dumps disguised as dialogue is bringing me great confusion and turmoil within my already tortured soul," said his fellow scavenger.
"But can't you see the implications of all this, Richard, my dear friend of 12 years, 4 months and 13 days who has a gammy leg and a hankering for egg and bacon rolls served on a silver platter with a cold beer in the morning while his slippers have been warmed on the radiator for an hour before dawn and the radio set to play Class FM's 3 hour rotating tape with Taylor Swift singing "Shake it Off"?"
"I don't feel well, all of a sudden,"  moaned Richard.

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