Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Referendum Run - PLEASE SHARE

Okay, it's got so silly in this country that I have to write up the latest happening. This is so stupid and transparent. Why can't anyone see this?
Last year, the Government closed all shops larger than 200/250m2 (can't remember the specifics) on Sundays. Their reason? They don't need a reason, do they? Something about people needing to go to religion and politics should mix, huh, and closing shops would make people go...anyway...

The Opposition Party wanted a Public Referendum for a question similar to "Should all shops have the right to be open on a Sunday?" They registered at the correct office one week in advance (as that's the law) and 40 odd seconds before they could hand in their question, an old woman who owns a small shop that is allowed to be open on a Sunday miraculously handed in a question about the same topic. The Opposition Party was not allowed to hand in their question because the law states that only one question on the same topic is allowed per year. The old woman's question was later rejected (who knows why) but because she'd handed in that one question, the Opposition Party had to wait a year.

Back story: for years, the Government have been putting BILLIONS into football in this country, including building stadiums which aren't up to holding first or second class matches, or stadiums which will never be filled. Watch a match on TV and you'll see an almost empty stadium.

Now the time comes for the Opposition Party to try the Public Referendum again. They register one week ahead. They go to the correct office to hand in the question...BUT...five huge muscular guys physically get in their way, and while they try to get past them, a little old woman (yes, the same one) sneaks by and hands in her question.
It's the stuff of novels, really. This is so dumb.
The Opposition Party find out that these five muscular guys are security men who work for the most aggressive football team in the country, the director of which is connected to the Government.

Transparent, eh? What do you think? This is so wrong. And yet nothing is done. Demonstrations are not shown on TV (because of censorship) and no one can speak against the Government. Almost every day, something like this happens...and nothing is done...other than people getting into trouble for speaking out.

UPDATE: The 'little old woman' is in fact the WIFE of a Pro-Government village ex-Mayor. This transparency has got to STOP!

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