Saturday, February 27, 2016

Why is football so important in Hungary?

In the last few years, stadiums are sprouting up everywhere, including the infamous one in the tiny village Felcsút (which just happens to be the birthplace of the PM...
In 2014, Ferencvárosi TC, Debreceni VSC, and Pukás Académia FC. There are more on the way.

Why is football SO important in Hungary? The football is of poor quality (though the national team FINALLY got into the European championships after decades of nothing) and no one goes to watch them play.
Billions of forints are spent on stadiums...

...Billions are diverted from other programs such as feeding the poor...

What can be SOOOO important?
Let's have a look at Ferencvárosi TC football team, they have a new stadium, AND they can donate FIVE HUGE SECURITY GUARDS to BLOCK DEMOCRACY.
(see my earlier post - remember to come back, I'm not finished yet...
Using the information from here, the Hungarian Wiki, it can't be wrong, LOL...
This season, they've had 11 matches, with a total of 88,578 attendance (average 8053 per match). The problem is, they have a 23,698 capacity stadium, meaning on average, it is 66% empty (yes, I'm a glass half empty kinda guy :-)).
Mmm, let's look at the other 2014 new stadium...Debreceni VSC football team...11 matches, 33,056 attendance (3005 average) with a 20,340 capacity stadium...85% empty. WTF?! Something's not right here.
Vasas, the new team which won the 2nd division and moved up this year, announced they will receive 7.5 billion forints between 2015 and 2020.

At the moment, they have a small stadium, but their figures are a little better...but still, a TON of money for a sport. Average attendance per match: 2117 with a capacity of 4500 (53% empty).

It's all getting to look a little DODGY, this Government money, sorry, TAX PAYERS' money, going to one sport...a sport, and not some facility or service more in need, like hospitals, education, infrastructure, pensions (they already stole the private pensions), etc.
And why is FOOTBALL so important, in terms of sports? Other Hungarian sports have almost as large attendances, and in some instances, more!
Women's Handball  - Champions League
2016.02.05. Nagybánya - FERENCVÁROS 32-24 - 2.300 – néző
2016.02.13. FERENCVÁROS -  Rostov 29-29 - 4.000 - néző
Basketball  - NB I.
2016.02.13. ZALAEGERSZEG - Falco Szombathely 84-49 - 2.400 – néző
2016.02.10. -SOPRON - Körmend 61-80 -2.000 – néző
Women's Basketball  - EuroCup
2016.02.04. DIÓSGYŐR - Nymburk 77-50 - 1.800 – néző
Women's Volleyball -  Hungarian Cup [Final]
2016.02.12. Békéscsaba - Vasas Budapest 3-0 - 1.800 - néző (Érden)

Something is SOOOOO DODGY.
Can you smell that? That's the smell of CORRUPTION on a VERY LARGE scale. 
And what's being done about? Nothing. Because you can't. Democracy has been suspended here.

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