Sunday, February 21, 2016

Weekend Quickie 167 - 200 words of #KanyeWest

Yep, it's time for an Iron Writer Weekend Quickie (167).
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...AND see mine here:-) Thought I'd go 'popular'
200 words of 'class'...HA!... Kanye West...

WQ 167 – image above, controversy, ground rules, business as usual

"Calm down, please. We're here to make some ground rules between your fat ass mouth and bubble butt brain, Mr. West. We need to stem this rush of controversies you have created recently," said the suit, a lawyer from his record company.
"Dat's 'Kanye' West to you, white boy! You can't change a black man's name like that! You ain't got no right!"
"I was merely showing respect, 'Kanye' West, sir." He straightened his tie and coughed.
"How dare you label me, white boy!"
The lawyer turned to West's bubble butt brain. "I'm sorry, but as you have seen, your fat ass mouth has run away with itself so many times in the last few months, you are in danger of being spewed out with all that hot air. I strongly advice you to find other accommodation."
"He ain't goin' nowhere! He stay wid me and we make the bestest bestest music ever!" screamed Kanye. "I'm the most greatest human who ever live!" He stood up, taking his brain with him and made a pose to imaginary cameras. sent out a tweet asking for another 1 billion dollars and left the building.
"Oh dear. Business as usual," sighed the lawyer.

...and "All For Love" is still out there, a 'black' comedy about infatuation...

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