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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Maher for President + WQ171

Bill Maher hit the nail on the head.
We are now living with "The Trophy Syndrome". For example, the year behind us in school had the 'all brand new' GCSE, with its project work and 'end exam meaning only a small proportion of the whole'. It's not surprising that a ton of stupid kids left school with double the qualifications than us.
And everyone praises for nothing. Judo competitions are the best, everyone wins.

Anyway, rant, about a little 200 word Weekend Quickie?...171!

See it here at the website...
Or see it here :-)

WQ171 - image above, a brief encounter, Melancholy, expectations

"That looks like a wig," said the spectacled gentlemen in the tweed jacket.
"What does?" Geoffrey was surprised and taken aback by this odd man's remark. He'd spent eight years at the Littleborough University of Fine Arts and Design studying Contemporary Art and Papier Mâché Handicraft only for some snotty 'know-it-all' to come along and debase his latest masterpiece?
"Those clouds. Tell me, sir, are you suffering from melancholy?" The man pressed his spectacles to the top of the bridge of his nose.
"Well, no, not really, but maybe I do feel a bit under the weather," replied Geoffrey: How was he to deal with such a man? Should he agree with the buffoon or stand up to him? "I say, may I inquire your name?" He crossed his arms and took a step back. The man merely huffed and gave the picture on the wall one more glance.
"I did so have great expectations when I entered, but now..."
"Excuse me?" asked Geoffrey. Who was this barbarian who knew nothing of Contemporary Art?
"No matter, it was but a brief encounter. The briefest, I add."
And he was gone, out of the gallery and down the street. The philistine!

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