Saturday, March 19, 2016

History is about remembering why!

Why do we continue to spiral on, doing the same things over and over again?
Education of our history.
History isn't about dates and places, it's about people and who said what and who did what and the most important thing is WHY?
For example, WHY did Hitler do what he did? (this picture is from the holocaust of WWII)
WHY have millions of people been killed throughout history in the name of 'whatever it was', be it country, religion, a god?
Because we don't learn. History.
Life is a spiral but we must move UP the spiral and the only way is to look back at our history and try to understand the reasons WHY...and THEN NOT REPEAT THEM!
Unfortunately, the USA hasn't learnt their lesson...look at Trump.
And then there's my little host country....I wonder when the holocaust will begin here?

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