Thursday, March 17, 2016

Ooops! Scratched it! Corruption at its best! #RT #SHARE

Demonstration against 'Dodgy' Council Property Sales (January 2015)
Photo: Gábor Szabó-

OK, so, here's the latest piece of OBVIOUS CORRUPTION over here in this little country. It's so 'slap my face but you must joking' kinda transparently corrupt. It's 'bang your head against a brick wall and watch the stupids walk by' kinda dumb.
Here it is in the original language...
And here's my attempt at translating the news...I was going to say 'story' but then you'll think it's not real...took a while to read goes...
The Mayor of the Budapest 5th District back in 2006-2014 made some very dodgy property sales in the name of the local council, selling buildings at 30%-50% discount to some 'flyboys' that can only be described as 'gangsters/criminals' and who then sold the properties on in a short period of time at double the price they got them for. The lease periods were also long-term leases and these short-term sales were incorrect.
A member of an Opposition Party drew attention to this, and the former Mayor started a lawsuit against him. In the lawsuit, this Opposition Party member asked for the files which showed all these transactions to be included in his evidence.
Funnily enough, while in the hands of the Police, the CD which contained ALL of the information (800 sales) was 'accidentally' destroyed...corrupted, as they say...LOL.
Apparently there is no copy of this CD, and the time to re-collect all this information again from the 5th district council cannot be calculated, and they keep postponing the lawsuit.
It's a farce. Really. Corrupt, corrupt, corrupt. The former Mayor is corrupt, the Police are corrupt, (the legal system is corrupt too because they tried something as well but I couldn't understand that bit).
The CD's corrupt, too!
This former Mayor is now spokesman for the political party in power and doing well. They're all doing well. That certain short person in charge with no property and no need to pay tax on nothing is living quite well on 155+ hectares of land in a small village next to the village with the useless football stadium and soon-to-be-built tourist small railway which will have a longer line if anyone complains about it...
...can you believe all this? Unfortunately, it's all true.

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