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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Transgender Bathroom Law: What?

So I've been sitting on the sidelines, watching law upon law appear in the USA, banning transgenders from using the 'wrong' public bathroom, I guess from fear that they will molest those of the 'opposite' sex, specifically, those born 'men' going into a women's public toilet...mmm...
This week a certain  'non-transgender, hetrosexual former speaker of the U.S. Senate' was sentenced to prison for child molestation... that's where they're coming from. Those politicians creating these laws are all PERVERTS or have some kind of sexual molestation on their mind. Maybe it comes with all that power, seeing as sex IS power.

Now, back to the toilet (flush). I don't know about you, but I go into public toilets to go to the toilet, to relieve myself of waste from food consumption. The only people who go into toilets to MOLEST or RAPE are those who are SICK. So, those politicians who created these laws are SICK because they have it on their mind that people go into toilets to do that, especially people who are transgender who wear the 'wrong' clothes.

Now, let's move onto Transgender people...some would say they're confused...there are a LOT of confused people, and they're not confused, they know what they are. I would say "Hey, be what you want to be, just don't make such a big thing about it and shove it down my throat every two seconds, ya prima donna".

But then, who's making such a big issue out of this, huh? Who? The politicians or the transgenders?

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