Saturday, April 30, 2016

WQ177 + Book Update

20,000 words plus on the new novel, 'How to 2'...I hope my publisher will take it!

In April, I've been hovering around the 100k Amazon Author Rank...anything from 40k to 150k, might not seem much, but it is to me! I'm in the Top the moment...give it a few days and I'll be back in the 300k...:-(

Dictatorship update...Our Illustrious Leader wants to move the Crown... again! Last time it moved to Parliament...I guess he wanted to try it on every day...this time he wants to move it to a museum for a TON of money, TAXPAYERS' MONEY...I guess he has enough money himself now to put a copy in the museum and keep the real Crown at home...the home he doesn't own, of course.
And that home? And all that land around it? And all that land his friends own? Well, they're building a tourist railway on it, for a TON of money, TAXPAYERS' MONEY. For who? No one goes there!
Oh, and if a journalist asks a question the Government doesn't like, they are banned from Parliament. Freedom of Speech...not happening!
All fun and games here...people say "If you don't like it, get the fuck out!" I believe they are stupid to want to live in a country which the Government is blatantly and transparently robbing them blind, and then tell me I'm the one who should go. This would be such a fantastic place to live if it wasn't for this Dictatorship. "Down with the Dictatorship!" that's what I say. And "Education for the cretins! They also have a right to think!"

So...WQ177! - image below, rhetoric, perspective, sudden stop

(Note: I am offended by those who think the Holocaust never happened. BUT I am also offended by those who make money from trying to portray it, knowing full well that it is 'in fashion' at this moment to write about it, write novels about it and produce movies about it. It happened. Let them rest in peace. Humans are bastards. They will do anything for POWER.)

"It's a matter of perspective, you see," said the Commandant.
"Yes?" said the Commissioner, visiting the camps in the area. They were standing facing a wall of frosted glass. Beyond this barrier could be seen bodies, moving around, mingling.
"Those who find themselves in power will do as has been done before, to hold and increase what they have already gained, oppressing those masses which allow them to do so, and so because of this, those in power understand themselves to be Gods among men and so will act in such a way that they themselves will eventually believe that they are Gods and that nothing will bring them down and..."
"...and that's why you have over two hundred naked people locked in the kitchen?" asked the Commissioner, halting the man's rhetoric.
"Yes. Being naked is of course another form of oppression, destroying their humanity..." The Commandant came to a sudden stop.
"What's the matter, Commandant?"
"I think I left the gas on." A pair of hands hit the frosted glass as people panicked in the kitchen. The hands on the pain slipped down and disappeared, leaving only faint images of lying bodies seen through the glass. "Oops, my bad."

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