Saturday, May 28, 2016

WQ181 + Updates

The Writers Games 2016 is still on, Event 3 this week. Written and sent.
I didn't get in the top 5 in Event 1, nor the top 3 in Event 2 (I sent a very pc version), though got some feedback from Event 1.
I don't know whether I can reply to the feedback, but I did make at least 2 out of the 3 judges laugh. Isn't that enough?

New novel...40k and rising! The first draft is about 3/4s done, hoping ti finish soon.

But now...Weekend Quickie 181!
Here it is on the website...
But mine is here, too :-) ..nothing changes, eh? Lol

181 – image above, a dead man, a boy, fear

(The Old Man and the Sea - alternative ending)

Manolin ran as fast as he could through the sand and stones, carrying the fish's head against his chest. He feared he would find a dead man in the shack. If only they would have let him go fishing with the old man, then there would be no marlin on the side of his boat on the beach, eaten by sharks, and perhaps something worse, waiting for him in the darkness of the old man's abode. Footsteps led him to the place, the door ajar. Dreading that final step, he took a deep breath and walked in.
"Old man?"
On the bed lay Santiago, face down, with his left hand dangling to the floor, bloody and cut. Manolin put the marlin's head by the door and stepped closer, hoping the old man was still alive. He vowed that he would never let the old man go fishing alone again, no matter what the others said, especially his father. He was his apprentice and his place was by the old man's side. He touched the old man on the shoulder.
A long, loud and disgustingly stinky fart came from the old man's worn breeches. He was alive! The boy fainted.

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