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Sunday, May 22, 2016

All for Love review + WQ180 + Writers Games 2016 update

I have another review on "All for Love" !! Thank you, Alis! Firstly, for buying a paperback, secondly, for giving a review, and thirdly, for being FANTASTIC! :-)

Format: Paperback Verified Purchase
Original and gripping, and excellently written and plotted. You may not be in love with some of the characters by the end, but you love the journey they took you on. Highly recommend. 
If you'd like to read it, here it is...(the link, that is)

New book first draft...30k and rising...

Winter Games 2016 update...Event 2 is three times and resent Event 1, I wasn't in the Top 5...but soon we will get some feedback and after Event 3, we will know where we 'place'. So, who knows.

And here's Iron Writer Weekend Quickie 180!
See it here on the website...
Or here below...

180 – image cropped from “Christ among Scribes” (Ribera) - above, determination, internet service, a social event

Richard moved through the crowd with some determination. There were at least six of them at it, trying to get a presentation to work, and the families at the wedding were beginning to get restless, waiting for more than an hour. Drinks were flowing and voices grew louder.
"Excuse me," said Richard.
"Look," said the Best Man to another suit. "We've got internet service through the Wifi, it's running through my SkyDrive and working on the computer, it's just not showing up on the projector's screen."
"Is this laptop compatible with this projector?" asked another technical wizard.
"Excuse me," said Richard.
"Yes, I used this same setup last year at your Auntie's funeral," replied the Best Man.
"Perhaps if we try rebooting the laptop, the projector will recognize it and..." said another.
"Don't you think I've tried that?"
"Excuse me!" said Richard.
"Why are we waiting!" shouted one drunk relative. Other joined in.
"Excuse me!" said Richard.
"What?" shouted back the Best Man.
"I think I know why it's not working," said Richard.
The Best Man snorted. "What would you know? You're a gardener!"
Richard walked up to the projector sitting on the table and took off the lens cap.

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