Friday, June 10, 2016

Abuse of Power: Government takes over the market from Metropol

Yes, it's all here in English...

With the help of the generous tax paying public, the Government stole the free newspaper market from Metropol.It took years for Metropol to build a 'trust' with the public, and the Government took it and now use it for their own purposes to spread their PROPAGANDA.
For years, the free 'rag' Metropol, formerly known as Metro, has been given out to passengers of both BKK and MÁV every morning (metro and train stations in Budapest), perhaps 100,000, 200,000 copies or more per day. It was filled with little snippets of news, both local and worldwide. Sometimes it was interesting, sometimes not. But since the owner became anti-government, there was pressure on both BKK and MÁV to cancel the distribution contracts from the 'higher powers', and now the end has come.
In it's place is a pro-government rag, 'Lokál', run by the 'informal advisor to the Prime Minister', an advisor that officially has no income but drives an expensive car, wears expensive clothes, etc... for sure, he's living off tax-payers' money.
I picked up one of these today to see if it was PROPAGANDA.  Yes, it was, and it focuses on the typical half-brain Hungarian, especially with the semi-naked girl on page 7. It's a free, pro-government, 'everything is running smoothly in this country' rag.
Not many people were taking them, and if I take any more, I will use them as fuel for grills and barbecues.
Shame on the Government. Shame on you, Orbán.
Oh, and another...this one is really shameful...
..and this...

This won't stop them. either...
And this just allowed them to use guns on anyone they want... 
...really, I can't keep up with this CORRUPTION and ABUSE OF POWER. 


  1. You underestimated the volume by half. It is 300-350k copies/day.

    "A Metropolt Magyarország 18 megyeszékhelyén, valamint további nagyvárosokban – köztük Budapesten –, összesen 300 000 – 350 000 példányban egyedi terjesztési hálózaton keresztül juttatjuk el az olvasókhoz. Vidéken városonként átlagosan 30-40 terjesztési ponton érhető el mindennap."