Saturday, June 4, 2016

WQ182 + update

Been a little busy, finished off the Writers Games 2016 Event 4 entry and also Iron Writer Challenge 160 for next week...and now Weekend Quickie 182.
The new novel? Stuck at 40k but I will soon complete the first draft now that I have some time :-)

Sold a paperback 'Manna-X' to a 'friend of a friend' and got back some feedback..."Excellent!"
That's all I need to continue writing, healthy feedback :-)

And now 'Weekend Quickie 182'!
Here's the website link for more 200 word takes...
But here's mine, just in case :-)

WQ 182 - image above, Cub Scout talent show, the next day, chaos

There was chaos at the Cub Scout talent show in the local community hall last night when Den Chief Batholomew Timothy Maithewaite, after downing three bottles of vodka and a casket of cider, demonstrated his 'snake in the grass' routine to the families of the Pack members performing. Once the 'snake' was out and allowed to roam, screams and howls ensued and the hall was practically emptied in a matter of seconds. Mrs Magdalene Thorndyke, Head of Entertainment and Drama for the town, was seen to faint before her piano while Den Chief Maithewaite chased those few brave enough to watch an encore out of the building and across the lawn.
A brief announcement was made soon after on the local radio station RU65 by Den Chief Jeffrey Jackson apologizing to those attending the talent show and said that certain individuals will be dealt with according to the rules of the Cub Scout Association.
When asked the next day on his 'activities', Maithewaite, looking pale and unkempt, said that he could not comment on record as to what possibly transpired, but he would be handing out a special badge of 'bravery' to all Tigers at the next Cub Scout meeting.

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