Saturday, July 9, 2016

WQ187 + "How 2" update

I came second in my bracket of the Iron Writer Spring 2016 Prelims :-( Oh well...
BUT... I did finish my draft of "How to sink a ship (in eight long, excruciatingly terrifying, stinkingly evil nights)" and sent it to my publisher...let's see what happens... :-)

And now...Iron Writer Weekend Quickie 187...
...and here's my take...

WQ187 - image above, priorities, sentimentality, snowball effect

We sat there watching the match, me with my hotdog and Coke, him with his hands clasped together. Our team were losing again.
"Why don't we support a team which has a chance, grandpa?" I asked, as the visitors hit another home run.
"What would be the point, sonny?" he said, clattering his false teeth together.
"Then we'd be happy, we could cheer for something." I took a bite from my dog and some mustard fell onto my t-shirt. Grandpa wiped it off with a handkerchief.
"From all my years on this rock, sonny, I've learned a few things, one of them being there's no difference 'tween winning and losing." He grabbed an ice-cube from my Coke. "We're only men of ice, sonny, melting away amongst our fellow lumps of frozen water, with only our sentimentality for meaningless priorities leading us on to death."
I looked at Grandpa and put my hand on his shoulder.
"You know, Grandpa, I love you but sometimes you take life too seriously."
He laughed. The visitors hit another home run.
"Compared to this game, death would be a godsend," he said. We laughed as our team desperately got the ball back to the pitcher.

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