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Saturday, July 16, 2016

WQ188 + Summer Shorts 2

I had a week off from the internet... I came home to hundreds of spam emails and a hundred Facebook notifications... but not one sale or review... can anyone at least send over a review?
I'm re-editing my latest, "How to sink a ship (in eight long, excruciatingly terrifying, stinkingly evil nights)", part 2 of "How to build a castle in seven easy steps" ...and then the wait begins...
Summer Shorts 2 is out! If anyone is interested in the 'seven ages of man' speech in "As You Like It" by William Shakespeare, I created a short story based on it called 'The Seven Ages of a Band'. That story alone is worth the tiny price.

And another book? In October I can publish the 6 stories from the Writers Games and also perhaps the last "Dani's Shorts" - it's not complete, I haven't written up every challenge, but everything I have done between "Dani's Shorts 5" and now will be in there....possible title, "Enough of Dani's Shorts" (Dani's Shorts 6).
There's some kind of novella coming into my head about male/female global power but it needs time to ripen.... here's Iron Writer Weekend Quickie 188!

 WQ188 - image above, an idea, down the road, the big picture

The Long Haul (part 2)

Anthony scratched his antenna and stomped his six feet.
"Look, guys, I really think you're the ones not considering the big picture. Leaves are there, yeah, but they'll always be there, waiting for us when the good stuff's gone! Come on, what are you waiting for?" he pleaded as they marched by him, one by one.
A forager, smaller and older than the others, stopped for a moment to speak to Anthony.
"That's not the problem, young one," he said. "It's the idea. It's a new idea and the colony can't have that. We've survived on leaves for generations and you can't just buck the system with a new fangled thing." He moved on with his portion of cut leaf.
"And besides," said the next. "We're 'cut leaf' ants, not 'coleslaw' ants." It took a while for the laughter to die down in the line.
"Oi! You!" said a soldier ant on top of the ant nest, pointing at Anthony. "Pull yer weight or I'll come down there and box yer antenna!"
Anthony gave him the bird but started running down the hill when the soldier ant followed.
"If anyone wants me, guys, I'll be down the road!" he screamed.

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