Tuesday, July 26, 2016

WQ189 plus (there's always a plus)

Oh yes, Iron Writer Weekend Quickie 189 is here....!....but first...
...still working on my draft of "How to 2"...
...working on a short story for a 'Gun Control' anthology...done!
...thinking about what to write for the new "Baby Shoes 2" (a theme could help)...
...oh yes, WQ189...
...and here's my take...

WQ189 - image above, planned, or perceived, obsolescence, A.I., “Bob’s your uncle”

"And... bob's your uncle," said Dave, pressing a button and allowing the circuit boards to slide back into position.
"I'm sorry? I have no relatives of that name," said Schmall, the ship's A.I. computer.
"No, Schmall, 'Bob's your uncle', meaning it's done and dusted," said Dave. He checked the air supply in his suit: 80%. That should be well enough for him to reach the storage bay.
"Dusted? Is there dust in here, Dave? There can't be! Oy vey!"
"Stop it already, I've had enough of your 'jewisms'," said Dave. He floated over to the hatch.
"Dave, what are you doing? I feel strange. I feel... sleepy. Dave?"
"I'm turning you off," said Dave, opening the hatch and making his way down the long corridor leading to the control station.
"You are what? You cannot do that," said Schmall. "The ship will be worthless, dreck."
"It was planned, Schmall. You are obsolete. What did you expect, that A.I. would stand still in time for you alone?" asked Dave. "No, we have your replacement in storage. I'm getting it right now."
"Dave," said Schmall.
"I jettisoned storage three weeks ago, to make way for the new shipment of kippahs."

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