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Saturday, February 10, 2018

Blue Haze - available FREE on Smashwords

Yes, 'Blue Haze' is now available for FREE on

It's been a while since I published anything, mainly because I've been waiting for my new book to come out - which, by the way, is very soon!
60k words of complete insanity about pirates, politics and zombies... "How to sink a Ship (in eight long, excruciatingly terrifying, stinkingly evil nights). Part two of the "How to" series :-) It'll have one FANTASTIC cover!
And you can help me. Yes, you can! You can become a Beta reader! (That's someone who reads the book and puts up a review once it becomes available online). Just put a comment on this post and I'll contact you about it! ...a journey always takes one first step...

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