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Monday, August 31, 2020

Chris the Story Reading Ape + #FREE ebook!

 I have an article on 'Chris the Story Reading Ape's Blog' well worth the read.

"Whatever Happened to Dani J. Caile?"

Because this is it. The last big push. 

My latest effort 'Gubacsi Dulu (Humanity H2O Book 1) is #FREE on Amazon right now for a few days. 

PLEASE come and download it, read it and review it. I already have one review - not so flattering but at least the reader says 'Good story line'...

Not perfect but interesting enough to keep me reading. I liked the twists and turns. He managed to keep me guessing!

Yes, it's a 3 star... so PLEASE come download and help me out! It's worth more than 3! Did they even understand the depth?!? ...I can tell you a story about that later...

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