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Sunday, September 13, 2020

Another #1 New Release! Radnoti X (Book2) + 10th rating of Gubacsi Dulu

This is starting to go crazy.

First, look, Radnoti X received the #1 New Release orange banner, just as Gubacsi Dulu did!

This is fantastic news! Still waiting on my Beta readers to tell me how they feel about it. And Books 1 + 2 can be seen close together in the subcategory 'Children's Steampunk (NOW...15 + 22 + 30) (really, I put it the Juvenile category, but hey)! Probably for the first and last time...

KENP has kind of died now for Gubacsi Dulu, the 'rush' is over...just waiting for more reviews, more feedback, BUT I did get another International non-review rating of 3 stars... so the International ratings look a little strange...

So, PLEASE, if you've read the book and Amazon allows you to review (rules, rules, rules), place a review...

And if you've read Gubacsi Dulu and want to find out what happens to Officer Karina Reif, you can Pre-Order Books 2 + 3...

Radnoti X : Book 2 (Humanity H2O)*

*(the X is short for 'ten' - some people have asked)

Farkas Alpha : Book 3 (Humanity H2O)

UPDATE: Book 2 + 3 are #1 and #2 New Releases in the subcategory Children's Steampunk

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