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Sunday, September 13, 2020

Change and Development in Scenery and Setting + 9th Gubacsi Dulu 'rating'

Another first... a global rating without a review... yes, I got 3 stars from someone on the International sites, but no review. I didn't even know a reader could do that...I just googled it, and it seems Amazon allows real customers to anonymously do that... 

So... Review No.9... 3 stars (no review, no feedback). Oh well...still at an average of 3.6 on and 3 on the Internationals... no change there, then. :-( But someone bought a paperback in Canada and an ebook on Thank you! :-) And KENP was/is great-  I won't say how great, I might jinx it! It might stop!

Today, to help you understand the depth of thought (or not) put into the Humanity H2O sci-fi series, a little bit about scenery and setting vs. character development. 

With my first series of book, the setting was the same: Earth. Kinda big, really. With my second (as yet unfinished) series, it was a small part of a continent which extended in the second book and (once I've written it) will also extend in the third. I'll work on it next year.

However, for this sci-fi series, Humanity H2O, I chose to 'develop' that idea. In the first book, it's a planet which is hot, open, with lots of space, though quite empty. In the second book...SPOILER ALERT... it's a 'facility', cold, closed, no huge open spaces. In the third, well... later, that would be TOO much of a spoiler. But you can see where I'm going with this. The setting changes, and with it, the development of the main character, Karina Reif. The environment creates our 'self', gives change to our lives. You can't fit a square block in a circular hole.

And Gubacsi Dulu is still being bought, read on KENP (touch wood) and staying in the top 100,000! And Pre-Orders for the others are happening... Dying for reviews though!

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