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Sunday, September 27, 2020

Chris the Story Reading Ape Blog Post + 30th rating for Gubacsi Dulu!

 Chris Graham, that fantastic Story Reading Ape, is blogging an article of mine about writer's block, namely...

 ‘Writers’ Block? Anthologies, Short Stories, Flash Fiction and other Shaggy Dog Tales’

Please go along, click the link and have a read!

News: Pre-Orders for Radnoti X are going well  (soon out, 5th October) and it has a great Foreword by none other than Jasper T Scott, USA Today Bestselling Author! There are also pre-orders for Farkas Alpha too! ...KENP for Gubacsi is slowing down, though :-( But 12,000+ pages were read!

Three more ratings for Gubacsi Dulu... one 2 star International rating (well, not everyone gets it)... and one 4 star review from the USA! AND one 5 star rating (no review)!!!! Excellent!

If you'd like to read my latest, like 1200+ people already have, and help keep those unfavourable ratings at bay, go here...

And if you'd like to join those lucky few who've pre-ordered the next two books in the Humanity H2O series, go here...

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