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Friday, October 30, 2020

Extended Distribution Sale of Gubacsi Dulu (Book1: Humanity H2O)

Do you know what that means? Extended Distribution Sale? It means a bookstore or library (in the USA) bought a paperback, one Gubacsi Dulu paperback for their store/library! This is A FIRST for me. Okay, bookstores and libraries are FULL of books, but those are from publishing houses and large book distributors who have the monopoly on the market! Somewhere, one of these places bought my book to put on their shelf for customers to see! (Or a customer requested it, either way, it's done!) I have got up to this point! I repeat, this is a first, a biggie!

Now, please, recommend to all you know who read books! Humanity H2O!

(Farkas Alpha is going through the Beta reading stage, and doing well!)

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